We seek to maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce.

Nonprofit professionals are the bedrock of civic life. Our communities, environment, and economy all benefit when nonprofit leaders have the support to not just survive, but to thrive.

Indeed, investing in the nonprofit workforce is the best thing we can do to increase performance and impact across the social sector. It is also a matter of ensuring social justice within the very organizations that work for social justice out in the world.

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to increase foundation investments in the nonprofit workforce


We offer the most comprehensive guide for maximizing investment in the nonprofit workforce. Our free, interactive toolkit helps you make the case for the value of investing in nonprofit talent, and supports you to advance your mission by integrating “talent-investment” into your work.

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Talent Justice Initiative

Fund the People’s Talent Justice Initiative addresses talent-investing and intersectional racial equity at three key stages of the nonprofit career life cycle – access to careers, advancement to mid-level management, and ascension into executive leadership and management.

Talent Justice

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