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Inauguration Day bop Bonus Episode! With Special Guest Dan Cardinali, Independent Sector

Fund The People: A Podcast with Rusty Stahl is between seasons one and two. But as a bonus to our listeners, we’re excited to bring you our Inauguration Day Special Episode!  First, Rusty Stahl, President and CEO of Fund the People, and host of the podcast offers an urgent call and a vision for a [...]

The Guru on Burnout: Christina Maslach, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

This season, we’ve been exploring the value of the nonprofit workforce in our society, the challenges facing nonprofit workers, and the need for foundations, donors, and government to invest in the nonprofit workforce. Today we’ll be diving more deeply into the topic of burnout, one of the signature challenges we face in our field, and [...]

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Philanthropy Saves Money On All The Wrong Things: An Interview with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

This season we’re examining the challenge facing the nonprofit workforce. In Episode 9, we explore the scarcity mind-set inside organized philanthropy itself as a major source of the deficit of investment in the nonprofit workforce. We sit down with Kris Putnam-Walkerly, a long-standing consultant to the funding community (and a past consultant to Fund the [...]

Activating leaders at all levels: An interview with ProInspire founder and CEO, Monisha Kapila

In this episode, we speak with Monisha Kapila, the founder and CEO of ProInspire. ProInspire helps individuals and organizations achieve their potential for social impact. Monisha brings 15 years of experience in the business and nonprofit sectors. Prior to launching ProInspire, she was a Senior Business Manager for Capital One Financial Corporation. Previously, she was [...]

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Understanding Funders’ Blindspots: Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette, The Center for Effective Philanthropy

This episode focuses on why investing in nonprofit staff is part of effective giving and grantmaking, and why funders too often remain blind to this important dimension of philanthropic practice. Rusty sits down with the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette to talk about the challenge of giving feedback and discussing staffing [...]

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Executive Transitions, Equity and Sustainability: Tom Adams

In this episode, we explore the need for investment in healthy executive transitions in the nonprofit workforce. Rusty talks with Tom Adams, a retired (but active) consultant who worked with funders to help establish the practice of “executive transition management” consulting in the nonprofit sector. We discuss issues of racial equity, generational change, building leaderful [...]

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Rusty’s Rants & Reflections: Philanthropy And The President

Fund the People, a Podcast with Rust Stahl presents Rusty's Rants & Reflections Today's episode: Philanthropy & The President Every American president and White House Administration has a relationship of some sort of relationship to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. It may be policy-related, and it may be personal, and sometimes it’s both. It may [...]

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The Power of the Nonprofit Workforce with Dr. Lester Salamon

Too often in our sector, nonprofit leaders are discussed as if we are walking, talking deficits -- empty vessels needing to be filled with competencies, skills, and knowledge. The truth is that the nonprofit workforce is one of the greatest assets available to our organizations, our funders, and our society! Despite all the challenges we [...]

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Racial & Generational Barriers in Nonprofit Careers, Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thomas-Breitfeld Interview

Hi everybody. I’m excited to share Episode 3 of Fund the People’s podcast.  First, a few things are on my mind. I want to wish you health and well-being during this pandemic, during the unrest and violence happening in our society. And I want to encourage you as much as possible to stay safe, and [...]

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Investing in Nonprofit Staff as an Equity Strategy, Kathy Reich

In this episode, Rusty talks with Kathy Reich, who works at the Ford Foundation, and previously worked at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. They discuss how, in each foundation, Kathy discovered the need to provide support to the staff of grantee organizations.   Listen in to hear more about: Kathy’s journey in philanthropy and [...]

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