Funders Gather to Learn About Investing in Grantee Workforce

At the end of May, a group of foundation CEOs and program executives gathered in New York State to share how and why they invest in talent development at grantee organizations and across the nonprofit sector. They included funders who are deeply-experienced "talent investors," and those who are just beginning such work. They traveled from across the country - from Georgia to Boston, from California to [...]

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Yolanda Caldera-Durant Appointed Director of Programs

April 2016 – After an extensive national search, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Yolanda Caldera-Durant as Talent Philanthropy’s inaugural Director of Programs. In this role, Yolanda will advance research, education and other activities that seek to maximize foundation investments in a diverse, effective, impactful and sustainable nonprofit workforce. She begins May 9, 2016. This new position has [...]

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Hewlett Foundation Declares the Value of Investing in Nonprofit Talent

The influential Bay Area-based Hewlett Foundation has released a new report Moving Arts Leadership Forward: A Changing Landscape, and the accompanying blog post What Do Arts Leaders Really Need?, in which they share their findings from research and insights from seven years of investing in talent in California's arts nonprofit field. Read the pdf report... The first line in the [...]

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Celebrating Nonprofit Labor

As we celebrated Labor Day this month, several Op-Eds in The New York Times Opinion Page highlighted issues of engagement in the American workplace. First, Barry Schwartz contributed a brilliant piece on how meaningful work can increase employee productivity and profit (August 25). Then Arthur Brooks discussed motivation and stress while rising up the ranks (September 5). [...]

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Talent Philanthropy Launches Advisory Council

By Monisha Kapila, Founder and CEO, ProInspire This guest post was written by Monisha Kapila, Founder and CEO of ProInspire and a distinguished member of our new Advisory Council. We love this piece and thought we would share with the #FundThePeople community to give you a sense of what this effort is all about! Monisha posted this on the ProInspire [...]

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Fund The Leader vs. #FundThePeople

What does it mean to "fund the people"? Many funders will earnestly and forthrightly state, "when it comes down to it, we fund people." That alway sends a good kind of shiver down my spine. It is a recognition that below all the talk of strategy, the power of relationships, intuition, and passion are still alive. It [...]

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Opportunity Lost: 14 Questions About (NOT) Investing in Leaders

What if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had just marched up to the pulpit of his upper middle class church -- and stayed there, instead of marching into the center of the Civil Rights Movement? What if Rosa Parks had not had access to training in civil disobedience and community leadership? What if Ghandi had spent his years [...]

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You Can Make Sure Nonprofit Professionals Get Counted!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released new data about nonprofit sector employment. Here are BLS slides with the data findings. Some important highlights: Employment for nonprofit organizations steadily increased from 2007 through 2012 Nonprofits accounted for 10.3% of all private sector employment (11.4 million employees) in 2012 Nonprofit wages accounted for 9.8% of total private wages ($532 billion) If we had data like this each updated annually by the government, we would be much better equipped to tell an impressive story: Nonprofit professionals compose a large, important part of the economy and society. We are job-creators. We are economic drivers as well as cultural, education, health and social service providers in  our communities. And our sector gets going when the rest of the economy recedes. Now is the time nonprofit leaders to take action. Here’s a Flyer that tells you how you can educate the Bureau about the potential benefits of counting us annually. Take a minute to educate the BLS staff by commenting on the Bureau’s website today. We owe this development to the ground-breaking research and influence of John Hopkins University’s Center for Civil Society Studies and the Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation. […]

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