This episode features the work of Libbie Landles-Cobb, a Partner at The Bridgespan Group, self-proclaimed social sector “talent nerd,” and Fund the People Advisory Council member. Libbie’s research helps us to shift the narrative in the field from a “leadership deficit” to a “leadership-development deficit”. And the programs and consulting she offers provide funders and nonprofits with practical ways to address the leadership development deficit. She shares her personal childhood motivation for engaging in social change work, and discusses her own and her institution’s evolution regarding the relationship between business practices and the nonprofit sector.   


In the episode, we discuss:

  • Libbie’s personal journey into the nonprofit sector and talent nerd-dom.
  • How Bridgespan’s research has evolved from the “Nonprofit Sector’s Leadership Deficit” (2006) to the “Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit” (2015), and the findings and message coming out of the more recent writings.
  • What Bridgespan’s “Leading For Impact” and “Investing in Future Leaders” programs and consulting offer to the field.


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