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Fund the People: A Podcast with Rusty Stahl amplifies how and why philanthropy should invest in the nonprofit workforce.

Our show celebrates the strengths, skills, power, and perseverance of the more than 12-million people who are America’s third-largest private industry — the nonprofit workforce. The show reframes the human capital challenge facing our sector, and explores “talent-investing” as a healthy alternative to the starvation cycle. We speak with a fascinating mix of funders, nonprofit leaders, and scholars to bring you the ideas and tools you need to increase effectiveness, impact, and sustainability by investing in nonprofit people.

We love the growing community of podcasts that discuss all-things nonprofit or philanthropy. Our show makes a unique contribution to the field by focusing on investing in the nonprofit workforce.

Host Rusty Stahl brings his unique perspective, warmth, and a host of relationships to this conversation. You can learn more about him here.

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