By Heather Carpenter and Tera Qualls with Alexis Terry and Rusty Stahl, The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook Series, March 2015

Within this book, you will find a guide prepared by Rusty Stahl of Fund the People (then known as Talent Philanthropy) called Talent Investing: Raising and Granting Funds to Develop Social Change Leadership. The guide is primarily geared toward nonprofits, and offers step-by-step pointers on how nonprofit board and executives can prioritize investing in their staff, and then engage funders as allies to mobilize and deploy funding to help fuel and sustain these staff investments. The guide also offers some guidance for funders.

The book itself is about results-driven talent development for nonprofit and social change organizations. Written by seasoned nonprofit experts, this book provides a holistic process for creating an in-house training and talent development program. The Talent Development Platform offers organizations the tools for ensuring their professional development systems are successful through regular feedback loops, tailored for learning styles, and specific to their organization.

Detailed case studies provide insight into the strategies used by organizations that have implemented the Talent Development Platform, and interviews with experts in the field give readers a handle on the most current thinking. Robust resource guides facilitate the talent development process, and online access to the Talent Development Platform and assessments help streamline the workflow.