Investing in Equity
in the Nonprofit Workforce

Talent Justice

Fund the People is excited to launch the Talent Justice Initiative, which is all about helping funders and nonprofits invest in advancing intersectional racial equity across the nonprofit workforce and the career lifecycle.

“Talent justice” seeks to transform organizational cultures to maximize the access, advancement, and ascension for people of color, women, young people, and other diverse constituencies. The Talent Justice Toolkit, released with this report, provides resources to facilitate action on the recommendations.

You will find the full report, executive summary, and toolkit here. These resources are a mission-critical new addition to Fund the People’s Toolkit, which offers an array of free resources to help funders, nonprofits, and others maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce.

Let us know what you think about the new Talent Justice resources at

Fund the People’s Talent Justice Initiative Launch Webinar presents the framing and key findings of the Talent Justice research report. Presenters include Rusty Stahl, President & CEO, Fund the People; Yolanda Caldera-Durant, Vice President, Fund the People; and Dr. Judy Lubin, President, Center for Urban and Racial Equity.

Talent Justice Resources