Explore videos and podcasts to hear from funders and nonprofit leaders about the value of talent-investing in their organizations. To get equipped to take action, check out all the resources in our free Toolkit.

Talent Justice Initiative Launch Webinar
May 2019 

Fund the People’s Talent Justice Initiative Launch Webinar presents the framing and key findings of the Talent Justice research report. Presenters include Rusty Stahl, President & CEO, Fund the People; Yolanda Caldera-Durant, Vice President, Fund the People; and Dr. Judy Lubin, President, Center for Urban and Racial Equity.

How to Bake-In Talent-Investing to Strengthen the Nonprofit Workforce Webinar
April 17, 2018

In this webinar Fund the People, in partnership with United Philanthropy Forum, helps funders learn how to bake in talent-investing into their grantmaking. Guest presenters: Neesha Modi, Kresge Foundation; Isabelle Moses, Community Wealth Partners; Sarida Scott, Community Development Advocates of Detroit. Facilitator: Yolanda Caldera-Durant, Fund the People

Toolkit Webinar:
Pierce Family Foundation

March 28, 2017

Learn how the Pierce Family Foundation invests in the talent of their nonprofit grantee partners across Chicago. Guest presenters: Marianne Philbin, Pierce Family Foundation and Gabriela Roman, Spanish Coalition for Housing. Facilitator: Rusty Stahl, Fund the People

Toolkit Webinar:
New York Community Trust

November 17, 2017

Learn about The New York Community Trust’s philosophy and talent-investing practices to boost the number of leaders of color in the New York City area nonprofit workforce. Guest speakers: Pat Swann, The New York Community Trust and Sharese Bullock-Bailey, Ghetto Film School. Facilitator: Yolanda Caldera-Durant, Fund the People

Introducing Fund the People’s Toolkit

September 15, 2017

Fund the People’s Toolkit is a free online hub of original resources to help you maximize investment in the nonprofit workforce. In this informal web chat, Rusty Stahl from Fund the People offers a brief guided tour of the toolkit.


Social Change Diaries Podcast: Interview with Rusty Stahl
November, 2018

In this in-depth interview with Vanessa Wakeman from The Wakeman Agency, Rusty Stahl from Fund the People discusses the organization’s radical vision for better investing in the nonprofit workforce.

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Philanthropy Hour Podcast

In this 2015 podcast interview with host Greg Cherry, Rusty Stahl discusses Fund the People (then known as Talent Philanthropy Project) and outlines the deficit of investment in nonprofit leaders and teams.

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