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We work toward a people-powered social sector distinguished by equity, effectiveness, and endurance.

Fund the People is the national initiative  to maximize investment in America's nonprofit workforce. Our goal is to bring about widespread adoption of talent-investing by influential funders and nonprofits.

The Problem

There is a gaping deficit of investment in the nonprofit workforce. Foundations use only 1% of grant dollars to support staff development in grantee organizations, and nonprofits have little incentive or capital to invest in their people.

The Symptoms

The investment deficit creates a bottleneck in nonprofit leadership. Too many diverse, talented leaders never join the field, remain stuck in neutral or simply burn-out. This situation is an existential threat to nonprofit performance, impact and sustainability.

The Solution

We need to replace the old myths of overhead and martyrdom with a positive new mindset that lifts up the dignity and powerful contributions of nonprofit workers. And we need to make talent-investment a widespread practice in grantmaking, fundraising, and nonprofit management.

What We Do

- Ideas and Frameworks
- Research
- Practical Tools
Consulting Services
- Education
- Advocacy

Our Team

Our staff and consultants are diverse, experienced leaders around the U.S. Our Advisory Council is a coalition of diverse stakeholders concerned with supporting the nonprofit workforce.

Support Us

Our work is generously supported by a growing number of foundations and by donors like you. Every contribution helps. We invite you to make a donation today or contact us to discuss your interests.

Our 3-Part Strategy

to increase foundation investments in the non-profit workforce

Make The Case

We show how investing in the nonprofit workforce yields improved performance, impact and sustainability at the individual, organizational, and field levels.

Equip For Action

We encourage and support funders and nonprofits to integrate talent investing into their grantmaking and fundraising practices.

Build A Movement

We organize among our colleagues and spread enthusiasm for the nonprofit talent agenda.

Unique Resources

Whether you're a funder, nonprofit, or intermediary, you'll find original
and curated resources here to help you invest in the nonprofit workforce.


Our Talent-Investing Toolkit helps you make the case and take action to integrate talent-investing into your organization. This online hub of original and curated materials includes Case-Making materials, Field Stories, Talent Justice research and tools, and much more. The Toolkit is available at no cost and ad-free - all you have to do is join our mailing list.


Our podcast offers a healthy alternative to the nonprofit starvation cycle. You'll get practical ideas and examples from funders, nonprofit leaders, and those who study and serve the sector. Host Rusty Stahl (Founder, President, and CEO of Fund the People) explores ideas from our Funding that Works Framework to help you advance equity, effectiveness, and endurance. Subscribe wherever you get podcasts, or you can listen, get transcripts, and access resources from each episode on our show pages.


For an in-depth opportunity to learn talent-investing and take action, we built an Academy  to teach our Funding that Works Framework. The affordable, self-paced courses feature brief, lively video lessons, and these are accompanied by worksheets, readings, and podcast episodes. Learn more, check out our premier course, and get status updates on forthcoming courses!

Talent Justice

Our Talent Justice Initiative ensures that talent-investing addresses racial, gender, class, and generational equity in the nonprofit workforce. Our initial Talent Justice framing, research, and toolkit materials were created through a partnership with the Center for Urban and Racial Equity (CURE). In 2024, our California Talent Justice Initiative is organizing regional funder-nonprofit dialogues and a statewide Summit to spark investment in the state's nonprofit workforce.


Fund the People is available to offer engaging presentations based on our research and framework for your conference, association meeting, funder briefing, webinar, lunch-and learn, or other events.  

Our speaking package includes a range of topics, formats, lengths, and pricing that works for you. Contact us to discuss your event!