September 7, 2022

This episode kicks off the fabulous third season of Fund the People - A Podcast with Rusty Stahl.

To get the season started, Rusty establishes the theme: the 8 Principles of Talent-Investing. He shares guiding principles from “Funding that Works,” the exciting new framework for talent-investing that Fund the People will roll-out in 2023 through our new online Academy. The principles offer the intellectual groundwork upon which effective talent-investing practices can be built. 

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Resources from this episode:

The 8 Principles of Talent-Investing

About the author 

Rusty Stahl

A prominent advocate for investing in America's nonprofit workforce, Rusty Stahl is President and CEO of Fund the People, which he founded in 2014. As host of the Fund the People Podcast, he enjoys geeking out about talent-investing with amazing colleagues. He previously served as founding Executive Director of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP).

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