May 18, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that our podcast is back with a brand-new sizzling spring season full of great guests and surprises! We continue to innovate, offering a unique conversation examining the intersection of philanthropy and the nonprofit workforce. 

In the season’s premiere episode, Fund the People’s Rusty Stahl offers a quick synopsis of season one, and introduces the theme and ideas explored in season two. Season one focused on The Problem Facing the Nonprofit Workforce, and Rusty summarizes the problem as a cyclical deficit of investment in nonprofit leaders and workers. The theme for season two is A Proposal for Change. Rusty shares Fund the People’s concepts of talent-investing and talent justice, and defines the talent-investing cycle as an alternative way of running philanthropy and nonprofits that could advance equity and effectiveness in our workforce. 

The episode offers a sneak peak into the ideas being developed at Fund the People, and shares some of the people and organizations who will be guests throughout season two.

Rusty Stahl is founder, president and CEO of Fund the People, and host of the Fund the People Podcast. He previously served as a visiting fellow in residence at NYU Wagner. Before that, he led Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP). He began his career at Ford Foundation and holds a masters in philanthropic studies from Indiana University.

Show Notes: 

  • Rusty recaps the theme from season one of the podcast, defining an investment-deficit cycle as the problem facing the nonprofit workforce.
  • He shares the theme for season two: a proposal for change, and defines the talent-investing cycle.

Related Resources include Fund the People’s Online Toolkit and Talent Justice research and tools.

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