July 8, 2021

In this episode, Rusty shares exciting news about a podcasting partnership with ProInspire and their Co-CEO Monisha Kapila (our guest on Season 1 Episode 9 of this show), which will be rolled out during July. In addition, you’ll hear Rusty…

  • Reflect on and summarize the themes of the first six episodes of Season 2, which is focused on the principles and practices of talent-investing;
  • Share more about the work of Fund the People beyond the podcast; and
  • Invite you to utilize our online resources, join our mailing list, and offer your input on what you want or need from our organization.

Resource Links: 


Monisha Kapila at ProInspire

Talent Matters series on Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) blog 

Fund the People’s Toolkit

Fund the People’s Talent Justice Initiative

Mary Morten’s Gathering Ground podcast

Dan Cardinali on Fund the People Podcast

Caroline Altman Smith on Fund the People Podcast

The Giving Practice

**You can also read about the announcements, links to all podcast episodes from Season 2 & podcast updates here in our most recent blog post.

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