July 21, 2021

This is the second episode of Talent Matters Remix, our three-episode series in partnership with ProInspire, co-hosted by Monisha Kapila and Rusty Stahl.

In this episode, Monisha and Rusty talk with Stephen Bauer about supporting a diverse and inclusive next generation for the nonprofit workforce. Steve reflects on the article he wrote about developing leaders who are both value-based and results-driven, which was part of the Talent Matters series on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog. He discusses how his experience and thinking has evolved in the seven years since the piece was published in summer 2014.

We also discuss Steve’s extensive journey through the nonprofit sector, including his experience as an AmeriCorps alum, his impactful work at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (and specifically the Nonprofit Workforce Coalition), and, finally his decade long career at Public Allies, where he now serves as Chief of Staff. Other topics discussed:

  • Public Allies Program, its values-based curriculum and impact on organizations.
  • Asset-Based Community Development and how it helps build up the capacity of any community to lead itself.
  • Changing and influencing the nonprofit organizational culture by hiring people from the communities that they work for.
  • The need for a common set of values in the sector.
  • Navigating the racial reckoning and pandemic as a white man.
  • How Public Allies managed to go virtual and thrive during the pandemic.
  • His experience as a Chief of Staff and why two Chief of Staff jobs are not the same.
  • Possible impact of the CORPS Act on AmeriCorps.
  • Lessons learned as Interim CEO and making decisions based on values.
  • What would be Stephen’s “encore career”.

We’re partnering with ProInspire to bring you this 3-part series of episodes on the Fund the People Podcast. Talent Matters Remix, which will be released throughout July, will revisit Talent Matters, a 2014 series of essays on the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) blog. These special episodes will be co-hosted by yours truly and Monisha Kapila, ProInspire Founder and Co-CEO. Monisha helped to curate and write the Talent Matters blog series, and our conversations will feature three of the other authors of those posts.

A lot has changed in our society in the seven years since 2014, when those blog posts appeared. We’ve had seismic changes in our politics, economy, society, and the nonprofit sector and philanthropy. It’s time to revisit, reflect, and remix it!

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Guest Bio 

Stephen Bauer serves as Chief of Staff for Public Allies, working with the executive team to deliver our mission of creating a more just and equitable society. With over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Stephen has focused his work on creating pathways to education and careers for diverse leaders. Previously, he was Director of Strategic Initiatives for Public Allies where he focused on multiple national projects aimed at increasing the capacity of the organization. Before coming to Public Allies, Stephen served as the Director of External Relations at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance where he staffed national collaborations aimed at recruiting and retaining next-generation, nonprofit leaders.

Stephen was chosen as both a 2013 Independent Sector NGen Fellow and a 2010 National Human Services Assembly National Civic Sector Leadership Fellow as well as co-founded the Kansas City chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Stephen holds a master’s degree in higher education administration and a nonprofit management certification from Western Illinois University and a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics from Southeast Missouri State University.

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