“California's nonprofit sector represents 15% of our GDP and produces more jobs than construction.”

– Kathleen Kelly Janus, Former Senior Advisor on Social Innovation, Office of the Governor of California

“So many nonprofit professionals, across all levels, are burning out and leaving. This is a serious problem. And, with a few exceptions, the response from funders has been ‘Meh.’”

– Vu Le, Nonprofit AF Blog

“No matter your philanthropic strategy - from economic justice, to climate change, to the arts - your work depends on the well-being of nonprofit workers,”

– Pui Ling Tam, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, Rob Hope, ReWork the Bay;/San Francisco Foundation, and Leslie Payne, James Irvine Foundation 

Nonprofits are struggling to serve communities - even as communities and the nonprofits themselves face new and chronic challenges. In this era of burnout and crisis, the top problem facing nonprofits is the ability to adequately support their staff. 

This is an issue of racial and gender equity. This is an issue of economic justice. This is an issue of effectiveness - for grantee and grantor alike. This is an existential threat.

It's time for funders to listen and respond with urgency.

Toward that end, we will partner with colleagues across California to convene conversations throughout 2024. These California Convenings will be designed to spark new levels of investment in the Golden State's nonprofit workforce.

We invite you to join the conversation.

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The Events

Regional Gatherings

We'll start with a series of three Regional Gatherings across California. Held in partnership with local leaders and organizations, these vital conversations will bring together stakeholders for dialogue and strategizing about investing in the local nonprofit workforce, and to inform the content of the Statewide Conference.

Date and locations of the Regional Gatherings are in the works.

Statewide Conference

The convenings will culminate with a major statewide conference in fall 2024. This unique convening will bring together key stakeholder groups, including government, foundations, nonprofits, social sector infrastructure groups, unions, academia, and more.

The conference will feature cutting-edge ideas, and approaches to investing in the nonprofit workforce, including resources from Fund the PeopleAll Due Respect, and others. It will offer facilitated spaces for small-group sharing. And it will provide space to enjoy being in community, great food, art, wellness activities, and fun.

The date and location of the Statewide Conference are in the works.


We will seek to partner with colleague organizations at the local and statewide level throughout California. And we will draw upon resources and expertise from groups working in other regions of the country, nationally, and around the world.

To hear why funders need to discuss investing in quality nonprofit jobs and the nonprofit workforce, read the blog post from our partners at Walter and Elise Haas Fund, San Francisco Foundation's ReWork the Bay, and James Irvine Foundation.

National Impact

While the conference will focus on California's nonprofit workforce, we know that the nonprofit workforce faces challenges across the U.S. and around the world. We will welcome colleagues from beyond California who want to learn and share their experiences investing in the nonprofit workforce. We will also make content  available to interested colleagues everywhere.

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