September 30, 2021

Linda Nguyen

Movement Talent was launched in 2020 to introduce a new way of finding, supporting, and maximizing talent for social justice organizations in the U.S. In this episode, Rusty speaks with its founder, Linda Nguyen, about the ways they have been working towards a more collaborative, equitable, holistic, and efficient approach to talent in progressive social movements.

The conversation covers Movement Talent’s role as a support system at the organizational level, and at the individual level as well. Also, and probably most importantly, they discuss the new effort’s work as a “membrane”, which looks to promote cross-learning on talent-related issues amongst organizations with the belief that they can fortify one another as an ecosystem. 

Other topics discussed:

  • The needs Movement Talent seeks to address.
  • Benefits of investing in “people-systems” internally within organizations and externally in the ecosystem in which organizations operate.
  • Movement Talent’s accountability to social, racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice.

Links & Resources mentioned in the episode:

Movement Talent

Community Change

Movement Talent Twitter (@MovementTalent)

Linda’s Twitter feed @LindaNguyen100)

Linda’s Bio:

Linda Nguyen is Founder of Movement Talent. Linda has worked over the past 20 years in the areas of civic engagement, democracy, organizational change, and talent strategy.  Movement Talent was launched in 2020 to introduce a new way of finding, supporting, and maximizing the talent for our movements in the U.S.

Nguyen spent five years at Community Change leading staff recruitment and development efforts, paving the way for other social justice organizations to develop dedicated roles focused on talent. Prior to that, Linda served as Director of Civic Engagement for the Alliance for Children and Families, where she built and managed a 10-year national initiative to infuse activism and advocacy into the work of social service organizations.

Linda’s volunteer endeavors have included board service for the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, Keystone Accountability, and the YWCA

Originally from Oakland, California, Linda earned a Bachelor's in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Michigan. 

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