Consulting Services

The burnout and Great Resignation of the pandemic workplace, layered atop a chronic lack of investment in the nonprofit workforce, has created an existential threat to our sector. Now is the time for urgent action to support  grantee staff. You may not yet be sure what to do or how to do it. This is where our unique expertise, ideas, and tools come in.

Our consulting helps you drive your mission by seamlessly integrating talent-investment practices into your existing priorities. Together, we will advance equity, effectiveness, and endurance in the movements you support by providing funding that works for the people who do the work.

Fund the People brings over a decade of unique expertise, experience, and ideas focused on improving investment in the nonprofit workforce. Our Consulting Services are grounded in our Funding that Works Framework, which offers you a comprehensive and uniquely valuable approach to investing in the nonprofit workforce. There are two prominent concepts that anchor our framework:

Our consulting services can help you to execute the full cycle of talent-investing:

  1. Prepare Inside Your Philanthropic  Institution or Nonprofit Association
  2. Assess the Human Capital Assets and Needs of Grantees/Nonprofits
  3. Develop Customized Talent-Investing Strategy for Your Context
  4. Support Participating Grantees/Nonprofits to Prepare and Implement Talent-Investments
  5. Assess and Communicate the Value and Impact of your Talent-Investments

To discuss your needs and learn more about our consulting services, contact Rusty Stahl at (845) 202-0015 or