October 30, 2020

In this episode, we explore the need for investment in healthy executive transitions in the nonprofit workforce. Rusty talks with Tom Adams, a retired (but active) consultant who worked with funders to help establish the practice of “executive transition management” consulting in the nonprofit sector. We discuss issues of racial equity, generational change, building leaderful organizations, and what it means to retire from nonprofit careers.

Show Notes: 

  • Tom’s personal journey in the sector and how he came to focus on executive transitions and creating equity in the system 
  • Business model and framework that was developed over time that focused on founders and long term executives and the biggest barriers faced
  • Tom’s personal journey of executive transition and into retirement 
  • Making diversity and racial challenges a central focus   
  • The Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide (book by Tom Adams, 2010) 
  • And more… 


Links mentioned: 

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