February 22, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2:00 – 3:15pm ET

In an environment of high nonprofit staff turnover, frequent executive director transitions, a state with no budget (Illinois), the Pierce Family Foundation is committed to investing comprehensively in the staff of the housing and homeless services organizations they fund. Their support ranges from executive transitions, to professional development for mid-level nonprofit staff, to other innovative funding for staff development baked into their grants.

Presenters are:

  • Marianne Philbin, Executive Director, Pierce Family Foundation
  • Gabriela Roman, Executive Director, Spanish Coalition for Housing
  • Yolanda Caldera-Durant, Director of Programs, Fund the People
  • Rusty Stahl, President and CEO, Fund the People

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Marianne will discuss how the Pierce Family Foundation invests in the talent of their core grantees. Gabriela will discuss the impact that the Foundation’s talent investments have had on her as a leader, her staff team, and her organization, the Spanish Coalition for Housing.

Given the current challenging and unpredictable political environment at the local and national level, it is even more critical to focus on investing in nonprofit people. This webinar, and the other sessions in this series, will offer important real-world stories that illustrate the value of talent-investment.

This is the first in Fund the People’s “field stories” webinar series in 2017. Each webinar will share the story of a funder investing in workforce of a particular grantee, and will be accompanied by a brief written field story. These  publications are part of the forthcoming Fund the People Toolkit, which will be available on fundthepeople.org. The case story series was commissioned by Fund the People and produced by Putnam Consulting Group.

Fund the People’s webinar series and Toolkit are made possible through the generous support of American Express, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Bush Foundation, Durfee Foundation, Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Robert Sterling Clark Foundation.

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