March 6, 2024

In this episode, you'll get concrete tips for ensuring that nonprofit workers have access to retirement savings from returning guest Chitra Aiyar of Just Futures. Chitra first joined us in Season 3 Episode 10 in December of 2022, when we discussed what's wrong with nonprofit retirement. Today we'll discuss what's right with retirement. 

This episode is focused on practical approaches for nonprofit employers to establish or enhance retirement savings for their staff team. We also talk about some of the challenges of implementing retirement savings in nonprofits.

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Chitra Aiyar is a consultant with Just Futures and the researcher and author of Reclaiming Retirement for All.  She has spent the entirety of her 25-year career in the nonprofit sector as an attorney, educator, and administrator working on a range of issues from international microcredit to domestic worker rights to college access. Chitra recently completed her LLM in Taxation at NYU Law to better understand how tax policy impacts wealth distribution and creates the ecosystem in which nonprofits operate. 

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