October 13, 2021

Independent Sector (“IS”) is a national organization that represents the nonprofit sector in Washington. In this episode, Rusty speaks with Jeffrey Moore, its Chief Strategy Officer, about the importance of having a seat at the table with the federal government.

The nonprofit sector is the trusted infrastructure in communities, and also 10% of the private workforce in the country. To raise our visibility, and make sure that our government understands and partners with the nonprofit sector, IS has been working on a number of different fronts including: NIIAG (Nonprofit Infrastructure Investment Advocacy Groups), and a campaign to create an ‘Office on the Nonprofit Sector’ within the White House. Other topics discussed: 

  • Update on legislative bills: the Build Back Better Package and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Roads and Bridges Package.
  • Raising the need to include the nonprofit workforce data in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on a quarterly basis.
  • Health of the Nonprofit Sector Report: a four part diagnostic of the sector.

This is the fifth episode in our podcast’s ongoing thread about how federal and local governments can invest in the nonprofit workforce. For more on this topic, see these other episodes in the thread:

Resources Mentioned in Episode:

**Recorded on September 23rd, Released October 13th, 2021


Jeff Moore currently serves as chief strategy officer, supporting the organization’s critical strategic visioning efforts as it guides the sector to meet the future needs of democratic society. He is a senior leader with broad experience in the nonprofit field, government, and industry. He most recently served in an executive role in the health-systems research field.

Jeff has served as a senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense and as legislative director to Congressman Thomas J. Downey (NY). In each of his positions, he has built critical partnerships and alliances that have accelerated organizational and mission success. His leadership style—he was described by one of his former board members as being “the weaver of the cloth”—and career experiences create a unique foundation for advancing critical thinking, strategic development, and organizational performance.  

Jeff considers his Distinguished Civilian Service Award, presented in 1998 by Secretary of Defense William Cohen, to be among his greatest career achievements. Cohen honored Moore at the end of his tenure in the Clinton administration for his contributions to the nation’s security and his unique ability to build bridges between U.S. government agencies, the U.S. private sector, and foreign governments.

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