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The Fundamentals of Talent-Investing for Foundation Professionals


The Human Problem

  • Are you tired of your foundation pretending to be trust-based, equity-focused, and responsive to grantees, while it actually keeps trudging with tired old attitudes and behaviors?
  • Are you seeking new funding practices that can break-through old dynamics, entrenched contradictions, and go beyond mediocre models of grantmaking, leadership development, and capacity-building?

In this time of burnout and worker shortages across the nonprofit ecosystem, grantee partners are silently crying out to funders to support the wellbeing and sustainability of their people! They need funding that works for the people who do the work. 

Yet traditional grantmaking practices don’t address this real need. In fact, current funding policies and practices may be contributing significantly to the problem over many years.

A Vision of Philanthropy Transformed

We share your vision of grantmaking that can help unleash the power and potential of the leaders, organizations, and social movements you support! 

With many important new funder practices emerging, we can see over the horizon a better day for grantmaking. But many of the most discussed trends have yet to address the nonprofit staffing crisis. We are here to help you fill that gap.

Helping you Make Change

Perhaps you’re one of the many funders who are wondering what is the appropriate, realistic, and sustainable role of grantmakers in supporting grantee staff? What can one funder do to address this sector-wide problem? And how would I even go about doing so when my foundation doesn’t ‘get it’?

Our course, “The Fundamentals of Talent-Investing for Foundation Professionals” was created specifically to help you answer these questions. We equip you with ideas, pragmatic practices, and case-making resources. And we empower you to integrate and adapt the Funding that Works Framework into the existing priorities of your foundation. The practices of talent-investing enable funders like you to advance equity, effectiveness, and endurance in grantee organizations.