December 7, 2022

We are in the nonprofit sector’s season of giving, but we’re going counter-culture. This episode is all about nonprofit saving. Specifically, nonprofit workers saving for retirement.

In this episode, you'll learn why it's critical for funders, nonprofits, and nonprofit workers alike to invest in retirement savings. You’ll hear the surprising political history of nonprofit retirement; how retirement policies can bolster racial and class inclusion in nonprofit teams; and the four major gaps facing nonprofit retirement.

Rusty speaks with Chitra Aiyar, nonprofit tax expert, consultant, and author of a new report on nonprofit retirement. The report is a publication of Just Futures, a new initiative to provide an all-in-one 401(k) solution tailored for the social justice-minded nonprofit workforce.

This episode explores Talent-Investing Principle #5: Take a Supportive Stance. This principle is all about demonstrating the intention to enable organizations to invest in staff, not to punish them if they are unable to fully support and develop staff. 

To learn about the Eight Principles of Talent-Investing, listen to Episode One of this season. 

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Chitra Aiyar is a consultant with Just Futures and the researcher and author of Reclaiming Retirement for All.  She has spent the entirety of her 25-year career in the nonprofit sector as an attorney, educator, and administrator working on a range of issues from international microcredit to domestic worker rights to college access. Chitra is currently pursuing an LLM in Taxation at NYU Law to better understand how tax policy impacts wealth distribution and creates the ecosystem in which nonprofits operate. 

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