January 4, 2023

Season 3 Finale graphic fund the people

We’ve reached the end of Season 3 of the Fund the People Podcast. So we’ve got a nice finale to wrap things up with a bow for you.

In this episode, host Rusty Stahl recaps the theme of the season – the 8 Principles of Talent-Investing – and summarizes the guests key ideas covered by each of the season’s conversations. 

If you haven’t listened to the season, this episode offers a nice succinct guide to the guests and topics we covered this year.

E1 - The 8 Principles of Talent-Investing 
E2 -
Investing in New Executive Directors, Part I – with Bipasha Ray and Joey Lee, Open Society Foundations
E3 -
Investing in New Executive Directors, Part 2 – with Jane McDonnell and Irving Washington, Online News Association
E4 -
Got a Burnout Story? Let’s Hear It! – with Betsy Leondar-Wright, Staffing the Mission
E5 -
Investing in Talent Inside Foundations – with Storme Gray, EPIP
Haunted by Student Debt? Wipe it Out by Halloween – with Aoife Delargy Lowe, PSLF Coalition (Equal Justice Works)
E6 -
Talent-Investing is the Best Capacity-Building – with Tom Fuechtmann, Community Memorial Foundation
E7 -
Funding Black Leaders to Prevent Burnout – with Dany Sigwalt, Power Shift Network
E8 -
Fair Labor Standards for Community Organizers – with Kinzie Mabon and Kevin Simowitz, All Due Respect
E9 -
Compensation Philosophy for Your Nonprofit – with Mala Nagarajan, Vega Mala Consulting
E10 -
What’s Wrong with Retirement? With Chitra Aiyar, Just Futures
E11 -
How NYC Human Service Workers Won #JustPay - with Michelle Jackson, Human Services Council of New York

Thank you for listening – we’ll talk with you in 2023!

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About the author 

Rusty Stahl

A prominent advocate for investing in America's nonprofit workforce, Rusty Stahl is President and CEO of Fund the People, which he founded in 2014. As host of the Fund the People Podcast, he enjoys geeking out about talent-investing with amazing colleagues. He previously served as founding Executive Director of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP).