January 4, 2023

Season 3 Finale graphic fund the people

We’ve reached the end of Season 3 of the Fund the People Podcast. So we’ve got a nice finale to wrap things up with a bow for you.

In this episode, host Rusty Stahl recaps the theme of the season – the 8 Principles of Talent-Investing – and summarizes the guests key ideas covered by each of the season’s conversations. 

If you haven’t listened to the season, this episode offers a nice succinct guide to the guests and topics we covered this year.

E1 - The 8 Principles of Talent-Investing 
E2 -
Investing in New Executive Directors, Part I – with Bipasha Ray and Joey Lee, Open Society Foundations
E3 -
Investing in New Executive Directors, Part 2 – with Jane McDonnell and Irving Washington, Online News Association
E4 -
Got a Burnout Story? Let’s Hear It! – with Betsy Leondar-Wright, Staffing the Mission
E5 -
Investing in Talent Inside Foundations – with Storme Gray, EPIP
Haunted by Student Debt? Wipe it Out by Halloween – with Aoife Delargy Lowe, PSLF Coalition (Equal Justice Works)
E6 -
Talent-Investing is the Best Capacity-Building – with Tom Fuechtmann, Community Memorial Foundation
E7 -
Funding Black Leaders to Prevent Burnout – with Dany Sigwalt, Power Shift Network
E8 -
Fair Labor Standards for Community Organizers – with Kinzie Mabon and Kevin Simowitz, All Due Respect
E9 -
Compensation Philosophy for Your Nonprofit – with Mala Nagarajan, Vega Mala Consulting
E10 -
What’s Wrong with Retirement? With Chitra Aiyar, Just Futures
E11 -
How NYC Human Service Workers Won #JustPay - with Michelle Jackson, Human Services Council of New York

Thank you for listening – we’ll talk with you in 2023!

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