April 24, 2024

In this episode, Fund the People Podcast host Rusty Stahl offers our loyal listeners a special sneak-peek into a new program offering  from Fund the People! Don’t miss the inside scoop!

Rusty also wraps-up Season 6 by comparing and contrasting stories from some of our amazing guests this season, and offers two key “Aha! moments.”

First: when funders invest in the grantee workforce, it can be extremely big, complicated and costly, or it can be small, simple, and take modest dollars. Or something in between.

Second: If nonprofits have the political will and savvy to invest in their workers, they don’t have to wait for funders for other outside forces to give them permission or incentives.

For more context, check out the original episodes below which sparked Rusty's "Aha! moments."

S6:E1 How Funders Can Support Nonprofit Workers in the Age of Burnout, Part 1 – with Jamie Allison, Walter & Elise Haas FundEndeavor Fund at Walter and Elise Haas Fund

S6:E2 How Funders Can Support Nonprofit Workers in the Age of Burnout, Part 2 – with Jennifer Roller, The Raymond John Wean Foundation

S6:E4 Talent-Investing from Scratch in a 60-Year-Old Nonprofit – with Shaheer Mustafa, HopeWell

S6:E9 Happy, Healthy Nonprofit People – with Beth Kanter, Author

S6:E11 Place-Based Talent-Investing: Small Scale, Big Value – with Elizabeth Kidd, Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland AreaStrengthening the Nonprofit Sector program at Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area

Season 6 is sponsored by Loftis Partners. They've launched the Pay Equity Collective, a peer learning experience that provides capacity building, strategic resources, and a supportive community for nonprofits seeking pathways to pay equity. Visit payequitycollective.com to learn more! Loftis Partners – Empowering organizations and advancing equity, one collective step at a time!