The How-To Guides offer practical guidance for integrating talent-investments into funders’ work. Future guides will help nonprofits and other audiences embed talent-investment into their practices.

Guide to Investing in Grantee Talent

Helps you invest in the human capacity of grantee organizations to effectively advance their missions. Read ›

Who Drives Change in Talent-Investing?

Addresses two overlapping questions: 1) Who or what is the “subject” or “target” of the intervention? and 2) Who gets to drive the problem analysis, objectives, content and format of the intervention? These are key questions funders should ask when considering how to structure their investments in grantee talent. Read ›

Talent-Investing Across All Grant Types

Explores how talent-investments can be baked into all types of grants including program/project, general operating support, and capacity-building. A grant in talent-investment can stand on its own as a fourth major type of grant. Read ›

Talent-Investment Menu

Outlines the different investment partners, key roles, spheres of investment levels, and where along the talent-investment continuum funders can focus their talent-investments. Read ›

Thinking Through Choices in Talent-Investment

Graphic presentation portrays the different levels, points in the career trajectory, site of investment, and nonprofit people where grantmakers can support talent-investing. Read ›

Nonprofit Talent Ratio: Final Report on a Pilot Study

Report offers the idea of the nonprofit “talent ratio” – the money raised and spent on salary, benefits, professional development, and the infrastructure to support human resources – and explores this ratio in eight diverse nonprofits. Read ›

Talent Development Platform

This Jossey-Bass workbook helps nonprofits establish in-house talent development systems. Features a guide by Rusty Stahl of Fund the People (then Talent Philanthropy Project) specifically to help nonprofits fundraise for staff development efforts. Read ›

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A compilation of the how-to guides in a single PDF file. Download ›

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