November 13, 2020

This episode focuses on why investing in nonprofit staff is part of effective giving and grantmaking, and why funders too often remain blind to this important dimension of philanthropic practice. Rusty sits down with the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette to talk about the challenge of giving feedback and discussing staffing issues between grantmakers and grantees. The discussion also explores the tools offered by the Center for Effective Philanthropy for creating feedback loops in the sector; improving philanthropic practice; and addressing equity through investing in nonprofit leaders.


Show Notes:

  • Grace & Phil’s journey in philanthropy and the non-profit workforce
  • How CEP is different than other philanthropic organizations
  • The benefits and challenges of creating feedback loops between philanthropic organizations, funders and non-profits
  • Funders blindspots around investing and supporting non-profit workforce staff and grantees
  • A look at Grace & Phil’s “Giving Done Right” Book & their new Podcast under the same name 


Resources discussed during the episode:


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