December 4, 2023

In Season 5 Episode 2, we offer up the second installment of Rusty’s Rants and Reflections. In this series of brief solo episodes, host Rusty Stahl shares his thoughts, frustrations, and hopes for talent-investing, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector. 

Today’s topic explores how funders are trained and educated to make grants without addressing grantee staff needs. Then explores four myths that, like four concrete walls, keep funders locked-in to an approach that ignores - and sometimes harms - the human health of the organizations they fund.

This and the next episode (Ep 3) are both based on an article written by Rusty called “The Soft Stuff Doesn’t Have to be Hard.” It was published in The Foundation Review, and has been made available free of charge by Fund the People thanks to the general support of The Kresge Foundation and Barr Foundation.


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